Raw Food Chef & Cooking Classes

Eating seems to have become a lost art for most of us. We live in a hectic world of hustle and bustle, rushing around, and everything is always on the go, including eating. Fast food has become a staple in our daily lives and it is ruining our health. The mind set of “what you put in, is what you get out” is completely true. It’s not always possible to cook every night but with a little knowledge and a lot of love you can get back to basics and start enjoying your life through a healthy lifestyle once again.

Have you always wanted to know how to make green juice, your own smoothies, healthy entrees and guilt-free desserts? Or maybe you just want to learn new ways to incorporate more natural and raw foods into your diet for a healthier lifestyle? Nourish your body and soul with delicious healthy foods that will change your way of eating forever, this includes a customized menu made for you and your family, together we’ll make meals that will lead you on the road to total wellness. Simple and fun! The whole family can get involved and excited to cook together and learn about eating healthy!

Kelly posts a lot of her healthy and raw recipes on her blog. She also offers live streaming classes and small group classes as well!

If you’re in the Maryland and Delaware area and would like to join us for a raw food demo or healthy cooking class, grab some friends and make a night out of it! Learn new, easy, nutritious and delicious recipes. Book your own event or have Kelly come cook for you, schedule your own private class or check out our calendar for upcoming classes at the studio. www.beachpilatesandwellness.com