Edible School Garden



We offer classes and planning to create edible gardens for your home, school or community. Learn from a master gardener how to grow your own food right in your own backyard! Knowing where to start or what to grow can seem overwhelming at first. Let us teach you how easy and satisfying it can be to grow your own favorites. You’ll be reaping the benefits in just one lesson! Grab the kids and get the whole family involved in the fun!

Kelly is also a “Food Ambassador” for Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Classroom Projects

One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is a love and respect for all things natural. Learning how to grow something from seed to plate helps them learn and remember the health benefits of eating fresh, healthy foods. Whether you want to create a classroom garden or take your students on a visit to an organic farm, we want to help bring the farm to them!

Green Thumb Consultations

Planning and Creating your own garden full of goodness is easier than you might think.  We can help you choose items you want to grow, plan a beautiful garden in the space you have available and teach you how to help your garden flourish into the envy of all your friends!

Community Gardens

Community Gardens are a wonderful way to get people together, educate and help promote healthier living in your neighborhood! Do you have an idea for a community garden project in your area? We can help you organize and plan your garden and teach you ways to help grow and support your project.